Registration Open for Provisional Admission in Class XI (Session 2023-24).

Principal's Message

Once you have taken the impossible into your calculations its possibilities become practically limitless.

Today in an age of multi faceted realty and infinite sources of knowledge. Teaching and learning have transgressed old definitions. Today the bard, the painter, the sportsman, the musician, the scientist, the orator, the mathematician, the scholar, the thespian, the leader in each of our children needs to be deciphered and fostered to be left autonomous in the world not just as an entity but as a sagacious conscious social life form. It has been our passionate endeavour to redefine education with new goals of instilling a global dimension to ignite young minds that would rid our world of the quicksand of petty cultural division and build its edifice on the solid rock of brotherhood. In the rich tapestry called Education, we have been constantly striving to weave together curricula Ted and co-curricula Ted activities into our organic whole linked intrinsically, as inseparable as colours from a rainbow and fragrance from flowers.

I understand that the institution of a school work through collective effort and each individual teacher has made conscious effort to rise above personal interest and join us to visualise and achieve the larger goal, with the due cooperation by the parents who have invested faith in our dream and volunteered to share our vision.

J. K. Arora (Principal)
School Building

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